French feminist association “Osez le féminisme !” will stand by the victims of the pornocriminal system at a historic trial

A historic trial will take place in France to see justice done for all the victims of pornocriminality. “Osez le féminisme !” will stand by the victims at the trial as a “civil party” and will fight relentlessly against the pornocriminal industry.

The French daily newspaper Le Monde published this week a major investigation portraying French porn’s criminal reality based on victims’ testimonies. The first part of this investigation, published on Wednesday December 15th, depicts the harsh reality behind the pornography sets including numerous violences proscribed by French law and international conventions: torture, rape, vulnerability abuse, procuring, human trafficking, incitement to racial and sexist hatred, sexist, lesbophobic and racist insults. 

Since our first report to the prosecutor in February 2020, legal proceedings have increased significantly: 

  • In September 2020, an investigation was launched into rape and procuring against the French porn video platform “Jacquie et Michel”. 
  • In October 2020, four pornocriminals were indicted for aggravated rape, procuring and human trafficking. Amongst them are Pascal OP, known for having organized “bukkake” (collective rapes perpetrated by 30 to 80 men on a single woman), and Mathieu Lauret, one of the major French porn producers. These men are currently remanded in custody. The two other men were in charge of trapping women by using fake young women’s profiles on social media. They used this scheme to convince their victims to join them on filming sets where they were forced into scenes of violence and torture.
  • In October 2021, four “actors” from the previously mentioned “movie” sets were indicted for rape.

The French police counted over 50 victims. These women are incredibly brave to speak up and testify on the rapes and tortures they endured in the pornocriminal industry. 

“Osez le féminisme !” is providing some of them with psychotraumatic, social and legal support, so they no longer stand alone. 

According to Le Monde, this trial could pave the way into considering pornography as procuring: sexual exploitation of women for financial gain. 

“Osez le féminisme !” will stand by the victims during this trial and will keep on strongly supporting them. The impunity of this criminal system must end!